The Costello Family


I met the Costello family earlier this year at a wedding! Elisabeth is my good friend, and Melissa’s sister, and I had the pleasure of shooting her wedding. Elisabeth is one of the funniest people I know, so it was no surprise when her sisters family turned out to be equally as entertaining. Molly and Meredith were the ones making ME laugh for a change. The whole family was full of giggles despite the drop in temperature we have had here in Oklahoma.

One of the funniest moments of the shoot was probably when Mark tried to pull his leg over his head. ( Don’t worry, I posted a photo below ; ) sorry Mark! But you knew I had a camera!)

I chose to show this photo for the families who are scared to be themselves, let their kids be goofy, or have the “my 2 year old grabbed the hot curling iron 5 minutes before you got here” moments.

I’m a portrait photographer, sure, but that in no way means I expect to work with card board perfection. It’s the snorts, belly laughs, booger checks, and toot talk, that relaxes my clients just enough get the real smiles, the meaningful hugs, and the life in my images.

Enjoy these photos of the Costello Family, that I so very much loved capturing : )  Image


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