Cowen Family

This Saturday I got to take photos of the super photogenic Cowen family! How cute are they?



I met the Cowen’s a while back when I worked at Charleston’s as a server in Norman. I waited on them and mom Hillary complimented me for being warm and fun with her kids, so I jumped on the chance to say “Hey I take photos, not just scoop baked potato soup and refill tea 100 times!” She scheduled her family’s shoot for this past weekend and I fell in love with this family in how they took posing direction perfectly and genuinely enjoyed each other. Hillary’s husband Jeremy had a fun big grin that’s hard to find in Dads sometimes, probably because they are stiff worrying about their kids rather than just enjoying the moment, but Jeremy was great and enjoyed the whole shoot. (or at least he faked it pretty good ; ) ) The Cowen kids cracked me up with their own pose ideas, and their ability to effortlessly bring life into their faces to make the Cowen’s photos pretty much perfect.

I probably sounded like a crazy after I said over and over ” oh my gosh, I am in love with this light” or ” this is the best cloudy, at 1 o’clock shoot I’ve ever seen!”

But really people… check these out : )

I hope to be able to work with the Cowen’s again sometime in the future, they make my job easy! : )  





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