Merry Christmas Geurts Family : )


Today I got to spend a perfect light, warm enough to still be outside, happy family photo shoot with one of my camp family families! I first met “Nurse Carrie” as I have always heard her called, in 2008 at Make Promises Happen. She is so fun, sweet, and laughs all the time. Get her and her sister Emily in a room, you don’t even have to have drinks and afterward you feel like you’ve been to the best party ever. Carrie is married to Dan, who is the perfect balance, always making the funny quiet jokes and making her laugh.  A little over a year ago they welcomed to the world and fell head over heels with their blonde haired blue eyed baby boy, Bennett. This kid has inherited his parents ability to make people laugh, and is the life to their family. Carrie lost her mother just before she found of she was pregnant with Bennett, knowing this story you can’t help but see just how much love and life this little boy brings to his family, and well heck the world! We took a few photos inside the Myriad Botanical Gardens building, and when people walked by he flirted his huge smile and flashed his big blue eyes at them. I have had the opportunity to capture this family when they first had Bennett, his first birthday, and now their Christmas photos and am very happy to document all of these special times for them : ) I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed giggling and making *QUACK* noises taking them : )



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