Senior Chenoa : )


I met Cheona at a football game (or maybe it was basketball, well I met a lot of people football season, let’s just assume football) through my friend Emma (blog post about her family here) who was introducing me to the town of Checotah where Josh and I moved just 5 months ago : ) 

When Cheona’s step mom Laurie called me about photos I was SO very excited, and I’m not saying that just because I’m supposed to, I was literally excited, nervous, anxious, and so happy. I love living in Checotah, but since moving here people haven’t been exactly been busting down my door for photo sessions. I still have a lot of business in the Oklahoma City and Norman area and it’s been cranking up the mileage on my little Toyota. 

Needless to say, I had to get this right.

I burned poses in my brain, brought her some fun music, had places scouted around town to shoot, and prayed hard that she wouldn’t be stiff or awkward. I was elated when she was so fun, laughed at my corny jokes and took direction so beautifully. The images were perfect, the light, the pose, the wind, everything. I couldn’t be happier with Cheona’s senior photos. Please enjoy the slideshow of her shoot, and have a wonderful day! 



One thought on “Senior Chenoa : )

  1. Emma

    Wow!! I feel sorry for Laurie and Jerome, I don’t know how they will ever choose just a few. I am so proud you brought a very beautiful lady out in the spot light. She usually likes being a little shyer than this. Beautiful.

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