Gibbs Family


When I lived in Norman and especially when I was very young I went to Trinity Baptist Church. I have gone to a few churches and moved since then, but my Dad and Grandparents still attend Trinity, and have since around the1950s therefor this church feels like home to me : ). I met TaMara (Mom) when I was in Sunday school, and she was my teacher when I was around 8. She might be one of the sweetest women I know, and my favorite things about her are her beautiful singing voice, and how she is constantly smiling no matter her circumstances.  She contacted me after seeing my work on facebook and gave me the sweetest compliment by booking me to capture her family. We spent a Sunday afternoon at the Myriad Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City taking these fun photos, and letting the kids play with the toys they chose to take their photos with. One of my favorite things to do is let the kids get excited about shoots by letting them bring toys or favorite clothes so that they know photo shoots can actually be fun, and not a torture time parents make them go through each year ; ) 

Enjoy their photos and contact me about booking your own family shoot!


2 thoughts on “Gibbs Family

  1. I love the way you describe TaMara, she sounds like a lovely person! Great family portraits, I find they are always so difficult especially when there are so many people!

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