The Feilmeier Family : )



I met the Feilmeier family in 2008 when I was working at Oak Crest Private school in Carrollton, TX. They are fun, hilarious, smart, and most of all, welcoming. When I left Oak Crest to move back home to Oklahoma, I was invited to come back to school to photograph the school’s portraits. Brenda contacted me and let me know I was welcome to spend the night at their home. I took the fun opportunity and spent the evening playing guitar hero, watching the Lion king and just plain ol giggling. I woke up to Brenda’s super yummy breakfast and she helped me pack a lunch to bring to school with us that day. I felt like a little kid again and LOVED it. If you know me my switch between adult and little kid can be switched at moments notice if it needs to be ; )

Like a girl Peter Pan…

This year when I came back to shoot the school’s photos, Brenda also hired me to shoot their family’s portraits. I love this family, so I was pumped. I was also excited to shoot in a new location.

These photos were taken at “Central Park” in Frisco, Texas. Literally right next to Ikea.

Afterwards we ate at an awesome breakfast place and giggled looking over the photos : )

I hope you enjoy this precious family!



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