The Four Wheelers : )


    I met the Wheeler family in 2008 at Make Promises Happen. I first met James, who is a Director for our camps. I got to know him pretty quickly through the documentary I was involved with making, we interviewed him a number of times and he had no problem pouring his heart out about his love for camp and the importance he sees it make in the lives of others and his own. James has taught me a great deal about how to be a good counselor, leader, and icebreaker game player. All which have taught me to be a more reputable person. Throughout the years I have also gotten to know his wife Elisha. I could talk to this lady for hours, and sometimes consider making an “WWED” bracelet. Elisha is a special needs teacher, awesome party planner ( I know this from multiple events), and my favorite thing about her, she is as laid back as they come. Granted the kids need to get spanked every now and then, but she’s always been such a great example of how not to freak out, to just enjoy life and kind of laugh it off and work through it when things get stressful. 

  Josh and I both are the oldest of our siblings, but I know I can speak for both of us when I say that I consider James and Elisha our older, wiser, super fun, brother and sister figures. They are always there with helpful advice, or a lawn mower, or car…. or make up Bachelor Party, or a FUN wedding shower : )

Have I mentioned yet that we love their children? Another weird thing besides calling James and Elisha our brother and sister, is the fact that we have also stated that if you could pick what kind of kids you have out in a store, Josh and I would have chosen Kyra and Kennedi. So fun, so cute, so giggly, so willing to let me jump in the jump house with them even though I’m no officially a kid anymore…. 

I could go on and on, but I have to show you photos sometime : ) So here’s to one of our favorite families….

who are also crazy photogenic…..

OK I’m done, I’m done.




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