The Hazelbakers!



I love this family, I want to make them dinner and invite them over once a week. I met Shelby (daughter) and Cheryl (Mom, who Josh and I affectionately call “shuh shuh shuh”)  at Make Promises Happen. This was the first time I got to meet Glen (Dad) and Josiah (Son) but they are giggly enough to fall in love with in one hour anyway. 

My main connection overall though is Shelby. She is such a great friend to Josh and I. This summer was the craziest summer of our lives, and Shelby was there through it all with us! We worked at Central Christian camp as  life guards, activity leaders, counselors, Popsicle delivery, watermelon cutters, archery instructors, paint ball leaders,wedding planners, wedding crafters, and a little photography on the side ; ).( Oh yeah and one time Shelby went to the hospital and came back to work in like 2 days)  In our free time we drove around camp on golf carts searching for a giant banana, watched movies, yelled at each other, laughed super hard at each other, went to movies and sang and danced all the way “home”. Shelby and I shared a tiny little room and had to make ourselves go to sleep or we would have spent the whole night talking. It only took 3 months to call this little lady one of my best friends. 

This season I got the honor of capturing the Hazelbaker’s family photos. It was a change of pace because most of the families I take photos of have little kids.

This is such a neat and special time in the Hazelbaker family, the last bit of time the kids are still kids, before they run off and get big kid jobs and married and stuff. Cherish it people!

I hope you enjoy their photos we snapped around at the Devon Boat House : )


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