The Grigg Family : )


I met the Grigg family through Nathan’s (Dad) sister Terry. Terry is the Mom of the Wolf family from a few blog posts back. Terry gave me a huge compliment by buying L. Lenae Photography gift certificates for her family members for Christmas. The Grigg family redeemed theirs and Alicia (Mom) was the best client ever, she chose the location, had her girls mentally prepared for the photos, brought props, snacks and booger wipers for the kiddos! I always have fun taking photos of the precious little girls. I got to meet their very special friends Dot and Susan, both whom made it to a few photos with the girls. I even got to play babysitter for the girls while they had family photos  ( a first for me ; ) Alicia said it was good training for when I have kids that I can take photos and handle a baby!) Needless to say, this shoot was full of fun and me laughing pretty hard at these silly girls!

I hope you enjoy their photos I hope I get to continue to watch this family grow!



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