The Zink Family : )


I met Sheri (Mom Zink) when we worked together at Ranchwood Veterinary Hospital as receptionist together. Working together was always fun and full of laughter. We both enjoyed cuddling puppies and sharing crazy conversations we would have with some of the pet owners who came in or called. It has been a while since we both worked there, and when Sheri contacted me to do her family’s photos I was pumped. She always had stories of her family adventures so I already felt like I knew all of them pretty well. I drove out to Piedmont to meet them at her Aunt’s adorable renovated farm house. ( I might have gotten crazy lost on the way there and experienced the REAL country of Piedmont) I got to take photos of her kids, who are FULL of giggles and energy. Especially her youngest, looking at his photos you just want to tackle him and start tickling!

After photos they invited me in to eat lunch with them that Sheri’s Aunt had made. Talk about delicious roast with all the fixins’!

I hope you enjoy her family’s photos and get a sense of how fun this family is.

Sheri I miss you tons and am so glad we got to work together!




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