Alex and Ellie


I met Alex while I was living in Dallas with my cousin Todd the year of my high school graduation. She worked at the climbing gym we always went to on Wednesday nights as a part of a Meet Up group. Every one else I knew in Dallas was a little older than I was, so hanging out with Alex was great because she was adventurous, my age, and made the same amount of money I did (hardly any).  

I moved back to Oklahoma to be closer to family and grow my photography business and kept in touch with Alex. I can still remember exactly where I was the day she called me and told me she was pregnant. We were 19 and she made the bravest decision, she kept the baby and was going to raise her by herself. 

I was excited and nervous for Alex, and looking back on it now you see how amazing God works in peoples lives. Alex having Ellie was probably the best thing for her life. She has grown so much closer to God, and become such an amazingly strong woman. She has a very happy and super smart little girl. 

This summer I was very proud to have Ellie as a flower girl in my wedding : )

I hope you enjoy their photos!

: )


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