Lexis and Jeff are Engaged!


ImageI met Lexis in August of 1996. Yes, that would be kindergarden. Her constant laughter and adventurous personality had us being friends pretty quickly.  Here we are at 6, and again at 10.

     I have so many fun childhood memories like sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag, reading scary stories and then going out into the woods on her parent’s land (bad idea, I think I almost peed my pants), riding four wheelers until my thumb was frozen, making up imaginary stories that involved tying her little brother up to a tree, and getting a hint of what being a part of a really big family was like, thanks to Lexis. (She has three siblings and they are all close in age). It has been so fun to grow up and go to school together. Lexis also chose the path of entrepreneurship and owns a wonderful bakery 24Karrot  Cake Company.

     I was so happy for her when I found out that she had found ‘the one’, and this last Sunday I got to see just how perfect Jeff is for her.

     We met at the Skirvin hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. Lexis wore a beautiful and classy knee length dress, and Jeff matched her classiness with a stunningly tailored suit. We began shooting and I got to witness moments that screamed ‘holy moly this was ment to be’ as Jeff moved the little hairs out of Lexis’s face, made sure she was comfortable in her heels as we walked around the city, worked very hard to insure they got the perfect shots (something not a lot of the guys do!), and constantly had her giggling. Jeff is a Sergeant in the Army who looks after our country, and also does a wonderful job looking after his fiance’.

     I had a wonderful time getting to capture their love in images, and cannot wait until their wedding come next May, which Lexis announced to me today is going to be featured in Brides of Oklahoma Magazine. They couldn’t have chosen a prettier or sweeter bride and groom : )

                       I hope you enjoy their photos ,



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