Italian Stew and Fall days

Layered clothing and a good stew. It’s finally fall people.

This is usually what’s going on at our little household



I asked my Mom for the stew recipe she always used while we were growing up. I didn’t know it was my Grandad’s recipe : )

She made sure to bring a little of him into her e-mail recipe


 Grand-Dad’s Gene’s Italian Stew
Well…… Sweetheart, make sure, make sure, make sure,…..
You buy the finest marbled stew meat possible, or…. just buy some good ole thick stake meat !!
Cut up Cube size and brown/saute it in a skillet with Weshchershire sauce and one sliced white onion.
Place meat/saute/onions and follow items into crock-pot
1-2 can’s of corn
2 can’s of Italian stewed tomatoes
1 small can of Italian tomatoes paste
1 bag of baby carrots
3-4 peeled cut bite size potatoes
*add water while cooking , to thickness preference 
Place crock-pot on high in the morning for 2 hours and then on low until dinner time
* serve with Jiffy corn bread and cubes of cheese
Sprinkle top with Parmesan cheese
I love you Lenae ! Happy cooking !!
Love Mom
I went to the store and got the ingredients in the morning, I traded stewed tomatoes for mushrooms. Josh loved the trade, you can do this too if you know someone who isn’t a fan of tomatoes!
I made sure I got Weshchershire sauce because that stuff goes fast around here. We are always sautéing mushrooms, and Josh drinks it’s straight out of the bottle. ( Gross right?! He crazy but I love him)
I am super glad I did too because this was literally ALL that was left in our bottle… someone put it back in the refrigerator like this!
Cooking this was heavenly, I love the smell of a house with a stew a brewin’!
: ) I also made cornbread from scratch with the Pioneer woman’s recipe found here 
I thought it was amazing, Josh said he needed his a little sweeter ; )
ImageIt turned out wonderful and to Josh’s surprise we ate on it for a few days ; )
I’m a wife on teacher’s budget! ; )
Have fun in your fall days friends!
P.S. I used the slow cooker plastic cover things, I wouldn’t recommend them. I swear I could smell plastic melting all day. Maybe I’m crazy, but
ok I’m crazy.

PLEASE comment : )

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