The Easter Family (My first shoot with dogs! )



I met the Easter family through my Living Social deal I released in March. Stephanie called me before she bought the package and asked if I photographed dogs. I was working as a receptionist at a vet at the time (giving me extra confidence in my dog relationships), and told her I absolutely would. I was very excited, and a little nervous. All of the nervousness left when she told me she would be bringing her English Bulldog and Golden Retriever. How lucky was I!? Two of the sweetest breeds I know. We finally got to the shoot the last day of September. It had rained on and off the week and weekend before our shoot. The weather and light were perfect as we took these fun photos of Stephanie, Josh, Buddy and Duke. Needless to say, if your family would like to bring along your four legged kiddos and they are anywhere as sweet as these two guys were, then bring it on : ) 

Stephanie it was lovely to meet you and your boys : ) I hope you enjoy the moments we captured.


PLEASE comment : )

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