Welcome to the world baby Samuel : )


Friends and family highly anticipated little Sam’s arrival for he would make Katie a big sister, Joel and Kayla parents of two, and the Englander family a total of four.

I laughed a little to myself after this shoot, because most people tell their kids to be nice to their friends at school, and I can just imagine saying ” Be nice to the people you meet kids, you never know who your clients might be!” Because my kids will surly adopt an entrepreneur calling, correct? ; )  I’ve had the joy of knowing Kayla since middle school. It is no surprise that she is already a mother of two, her nickname in middle school was Mom! Kayla has always been very level headed, caring and genuine. It sounds corny to say she was made for motherhood, but she really was!

Kayla married Joel, a super sweet guy she met at church. Joel is very welcoming and has a certain way about him when he plays with Katie, it’s as if he becomes part of her world. You know the little kid play world with big imaginations and lots of running and spinning around? : ) He balances that with earning his Masters at OU and working full time to support their family.

I told Kayla as I left to continue to keep her facebook very up to date, I have a little crush on this family and love to keep up with them, because for some reason Katie reminds me of myself ( I know really silly right?) Maybe it’s her hair and little smile, or how her and her brother Sam are about the same distance apart as my brother and I.


As Kayla and Joel got Sam ready for his first photo shoot I got to play with sweet Katie and appreciate the way this little family works.

Sam was such a good baby for his shoot : ) I hope you enjoy his photos : )







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