Welcome to the world baby Sophia : )



I have had the extreme pleasure of taking photos of the Venable family since their first daughter Lilly was 10 days old. I met Sarah and Phillip through a family friend who owns a midwifery in Norman, Oklahoma. They bought the ‘watch me grow’ package and I got to see Lilly every three months as she grew. On her one year photo shoot, Sarah and Phillip told me they were pregnant and were anticipating I capture their next babies precious months before toddler age. I was super excited to get to hang with this fam for another year!

 Phillip has been stationed here in Oklahoma, and has lots of the cool bars on his fatigues. ( Forgive me for not knowing his exact role or company or Military branch or middle name, I did accidentally post his social security number on the internet once for the world to see and forgot to remember that too ; )  )  Sarah is an speech pathologist, meaning she usually gets to work with precious little ones who need help learning to speak correctly, and a lot of the time those kiddos have special needs. If you know me well you know that I keep those with special needs in a big place in my heart.

  When you come to Phillip and Sarah’s home they have a no-shoes policy, this protects their babies from getting crud from the outside world in their mouths AND makes me feel super comfortable like I’ve been invited over to hang out rather than work. It also helps that every time I come over and Sarah has cooked something she offers me a bowl. 

 Phillip and Sarah adore their children, when you’re with them you can feel the joy that radiates from how much they enjoy the little moments that happen on a regular basis, lots of giggles and smiles.

I’m very proud to be a part of documenting their beautiful daughters grow into little ladies. 

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