The Terry Family : )

Meet the Terry family


The Terry family is the first family to agree to step in front of my camera in Checotah and I couldn’t have picked a more fun, giggly and welcoming family. Brian (The Dad) is the principle and athletic director for Checotah high school. His wife Emma is the special needs teacher for Checotah middle school. They moved to Checotah and got hired as a ‘pair’ ; ). Their kids are Becca, who is a freshman at UCO studying to be a mortician (way cool and smart if you ask me), Brice who is in 8th grade and on Josh’s junior high basketball team, and Grace who is on Josh’s high school girl’s golf team and also plays basketball.

Josh and I had lots of fun with this family photo session, they genuinely enjoy each other, cracking jokes and smiling at each other constantly. You don’t get too many families with older kids who are like this.

I also really appreciate this family because Emma has very sweetly taken me under her wing. Here I am city girl moving out to the country where I don’t know a soul and sit in my home office all day editing photos and writing blogs, all the while never speaking to an actual face besides my honey Josh. All of which is very out of character for me if you know my goofy ways. Last Friday Emma texted me 



and it was tons of fun, the burgers were great, and she introduced me to countless people telling them who I was, where I was from, and that I was a photographer and Josh was a teacher and coach. 

Emma I can’t thank you enough for your welcome to the town and teaching me to love football games! 

I hope you all enjoy their family photos and if you’re in Checotah just give me a call and I’d love to have your family be next!



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