Molly is one of the coolest Seniors I know. ( even though she’s a freshman in college ; )  ) These are her senior photos and the girl can’t possibly take a bad picture, just look at her beautiful blue eyes and flowing curly blonde hair.

As we walked around Sutton Wilderness Molly told me about her future plans to acquire a degree that would help her get a job to help the environment. She has a very calming personality, and listens to musical artists like The Shins. She doesn’t have a facebook and has a wonderful realistic way of viewing things. I really enjoyed taking her photos and getting to know her and her mom : ) 

Besides, with the wedding craziness and moving from Lone Grove, Norman, and Checotah our originally planned photo shoot was a BUST thanks to me. ( I completely FORGOT to reschedule them and left them at the park looking around for their photographer) Molly and her mom Tammy hardly shrugged and kindly rescheduled. Leaving my opinion of this family to be THE SWEETEST EVER. : ) I hope you enjoy the photos of Molly!  



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