The Wolf Family!

Meet the Wolf Family


I have had the pleasure of knowing the Wolf family since around 2008. Here is a photo of the very FIRST time I took their photos, time has passed, Evie has grown SO big, they have added a new member Milo to the family and lets just say it, my skills have grown up too ; ). 


Terry still had confidence in me though, and we have gotten to create some pretty cool photos!

Josh and I drove out to JJ and Terry’s home last Saturday and spent the morning rolling around on their front lawn on a perfect colored quilt. We always have lots of fun laughing at JJ’s jokes and watching Evie be the perfect example of a three year old, running around, swinging, riding her bike and having the occasional melt down ; ). I mention the melt downs because 1. Evie is really good at them ; ) and 2. Handling melt downs are not how most high schoolers aspiring to be self employed photographers imagine their career. BUUUUT as I have learned with growing this business and the many families that I get to encounter, the most wonderful thing that can happen in a family session with a melt down is that mom and dad stay cool, go with the flow, move on, and THAT ladies and gentlemen is exactly what happened at the Wolf home. Josh and I learn a lot from the families that we get to shoot and take little mental notes for the future, this shoot definitely made a mark on two high strung newlyweds. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do, the colors, the light and how stinkin beautiful this family is! I also added a little surprise at the end of the photos of what I mean by ‘melt down’.

Thank you Wolf family for letting me take your photos, and teaching me the song ‘Jimmy Pig’


“And the prettiest Mom ever award goes to!”ImageImageImage

; ) I love me some Evie. This is going to make me giggle all day. Image

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