Polk Family

Meet the Polk Family  🙂

Last friday evening Josh and I spent the evening shooting this fun and precious family, but I don’t just know the Polks through my photography business. Ryan and Kara have gone to the same church as my family and I do for an amount of years I’m not really sure of. I know Ryan started his career very young and worked with the high school kids and has moved up to the associate pastor position. One of his many responsibilities is teaching bible study. While I still lived in Norman with my grandparents I doubled up on my bible study and went to both of Ryan’s. He had college kids at his house on Tuesdays (yes, EVERY tuesday Kara opened her home to 20-50 college kids and it was always clean and smelled like cookies, how you have 4 kids and do that I’m still figuring it out) and the “older folk” at the church on Wednesdays. Ryan has a wonderful way of teaching others straight from the word of God in a very organized, clear, and meaningful way. He was a great impact on my life, especially as I started preparing to be a wife. Kara has a very sweet and giggly personality. One of my favorite memories of Kara happened when I was over at their house for bible study one evening. Kara had bought a cookie cake for Marin her oldest daughter, it wasn’t Marin’s birthday the cake read “GOTCHA”. The Polk’s have been very blessed to adopt their four children, on the anniversary that the adoptions were final they celebrate “gotcha day”. Seeing Marin light up for this event will be one of my favorite memories of the Polk family.

Because of all of these things, Josh and I had the Polks in our prayers to be the couple that counseled us in marriage. When we became confident that God wanted us to choose them we started planning out our sessions. Then very quickly it became what Ryan would say, and who would walk with who, and ultimately, he would be the one who asked if we “I do” .

I’ll post the beautiful vows that we used later ; )

We had a wonderful wedding and a wonderful evening playing and taking the occasional photo. : )


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