Jonathan and Moriah Norman

 On August 10th, 2012 Moriah and Jon got married! I had the pleasure of taking their wedding photos. There were a lot I loved and had a hard time choosing which to showcase.

 My favorite thing about this couple is the love and energy they bring to a room. Moriah has 11 brothers and sisters, two of which are married and have children of their own, and Jon is an only child who has embraced the crazy love and excitingNESS that is Moriah’s family. 

 A moment that I remember most from the day happened early. I was shooting Moriah getting her hair styled, and she kept asking “what do you want me to do Lindsey, tell me and I’ll do it” It’s hard to tell someone you just want them to giggle and smile ALL day! Moriah is beautiful, and I like to pride myself on getting people to giggle and smile all day, but at the mention of Jon’s name, she light up. Literally. Glowing. I took a photo of it and am featuring it here with the others. : ) 

 I couldn’t have been more honored that Moriah and Jonathan chose me as their photographer. I had an amazing day and look forward to seeing their lives together grow and the amazing things that I know they are capable of : )



4 thoughts on “Jonathan and Moriah Norman

  1. Kathy Presley

    Beautiful job! We need to start making payments on our next six daughters’ weddings to lock in the price before you become so “in demand” that we can’t afford you! I’m not kidding either!

  2. Jeanie Stafford

    I was so blessed to be around on the day of Moriah’s birth, it will be a day I will always remember, the joy that she brought to Randy and Kathy when she entered this world. I can see what a beautiful girl she is and can just see what a sweet spirit she has, and that is no wonder with her parents who have the same spirit. I wish her all of the happiness she deserves starting this new life in marriage.

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