Video Portraits described, by Lindsey of Lenae Photography and Video Portraits

After many many many videos of other lovely people I FINALLY got it together and made my own video!!

Please take a little watch it’s only a minute and forty seconds!

I would personally like to thank Aubrey Proctor , Spenser Sakurai, and Shannon Ho for donating their time to press the record button and film me while I acted goofy and struggled to get words out right.

I would also like to thank all my friends and past clients who made cameos in the video!

Jenny Collier

Sara Moore

Heidi and Marshall Walker

Rian and Garrett Grimes 

Christina Tiller

Lily Venables toes

Jessica Woods

Kylie Morgan

Paige and Bryce Dunsworth

Josh McClennahan ( my sugar sugar sweet love)

Jennifer Faught

and Stephanie Creekmur


Happily Ever Henson | Bonham, Texas Wedding

Dylan and Cassidy. Love them. : ) each wedding I shoot there will always be something different that stands out, at the Henson’s wedding I don’t think I’ll ever forget just how sweet Dylan and Cassidy’s relationships are with their friends and family. The photos below where they are being prayed over by their closet friends, and the precious moments before the ceremony with their families get me every time.

I pray you two have many, many, many, blessed years of crazy wild happiness together!

north-texas-wedding-photographer_0006 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0007 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0008 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0009 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0010 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0011 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0012 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0013 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0014 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0015 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0016 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0017 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0018 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0019 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0020 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0021 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0022 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0023 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0024 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0025 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0026 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0027 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0028 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0029 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0030 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0031 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0032 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0033 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0034 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0035 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0036 north-texas-wedding-photographer_0037


Something Detailed with Jennifer Faught

So not only is Whitney English an amazing business woman, she’s also a brilliant connector of people. Whitney introduced Jennifer and I so I could come to Chicago to shoot Stationery Academy. Then Jennifer let me come stay with her in Nashville and shoot this beautiful video portrait and some fun shots of her and her boys!!

When I’m with Jennifer I feel inspired to tackle lots of ideas I’ve always had running though my head. She’s got a head on her shoulders that girl, and I loved hanging around town with her and meeting all the interesting people we ran into in Nashville ; )

If you’re planning a wedding and need stunning custom invitations.

Call her. Right this second!

lenae-photography-video-portraits-family-shots_1 lenae-photography-video-portraits-family-shots_12 lenae-photography-video-portraits-family-shots_18 lenae-photography-video-portraits-head-shots_9 lenae-photography-video-portraits-head-shots_54


Stephanie Creekmur | Video Portrait

I was a little creeped out when Stephanie Creekmur picked me up from the airport and started talking to me, not because this was the first time we had met in person, but the fact that we are EXACTLY THE SAME.  She laughs with her whole body, and a lot of the way we feel about business things are alike also. We also laughed. All day. I was so tired as we sat at Panera and ate our food. She probably thought I had gone crazy. I think what we got out of the day was pretty great though : )

Thank you SO much Jennifer Faught for introducing us.

Also to read the super kind words Stephanie said about me on her blog check it out here : ) 

Stephanie Creekmur from L. Lenae Photography on Vimeo.


lenae-photography-video-portraits-head-shots_28 lenae-photography-video-portraits-head-shots_105



My brother is engaged!

On September 5th 2014 my brother Owen asked Kelcie to marry him at the Music Hall at Fair Park with some help from Charlie Worsham.

Kelcie has been a part of our lives since 2009 and I couldn’t be more happy to call her my sissyyyyy!

Kelcie, I’ll never forget the moment sitting waiting on the floor of the bathroom at camp and having one of the best talks we have ever had. That’s when I knew you would probably be in our family for evah evah!!

These photos just make me happy : )

( documentation by me…and Jojo ‘hiding’ in the corners)owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_17 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_1 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_5 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_2 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_3 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_4 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_6 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_8 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_9 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_10 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_11 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_12 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_13 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_14 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_15 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_16





Kamber’s Senior Photos


I love this girl. She’s a volunteer at Make Promises Happen with Josh and I. I’ve seen her not only dedicate her time to camp, but also do a lot of really cool things that most kids in high school, or most adults for that matter are not capable of. She is constantly laughing out loud, and I can’t think of a time I haven’t seen her with a smile on her face.

oh and did I mention she’s also stunningly beautiful?

happy senior year Kamber!!!

lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_27 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_96 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_119 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_151 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_158 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_193 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_201 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_215 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_218 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_227 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_249


Styled Shoot for Poppy Lane Design


I 100% adore the girls at Poppy Lane Design who put this shoot together. I’m so happy they asked me to shoot it for them! We has a lot of fun and a lot of laughs at the Hall of Mirrors.

You girls are ON THE BALL when it comes to creating one of a kind, fantastic floral arrangements.

Our amazing model who stated “oh, man, I’ve never modeled before, so tell me what to do” ( ARE YOU KIDDING?! SHES STUNNING) runs and owns her own really cool company called Clean Pour check her out and hire her for your next little get together!! ( literally… how cool can this girl get?!)

I died at how stunning everything was. Enjoy these photos!

Behind the scenes video!