My brother is engaged!

On September 5th 2014 my brother Owen asked Kelcie to marry him at the Music Hall at Fair Park with some help from Charlie Worsham.

Kelcie has been a part of our lives since 2009 and I couldn’t be more happy to call her my sissyyyyy!

Kelcie, I’ll never forget the moment sitting waiting on the floor of the bathroom at camp and having one of the best talks we have ever had. That’s when I knew you would probably be in our family for evah evah!!

These photos just make me happy : )

( documentation by me…and Jojo ‘hiding’ in the corners)owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_17 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_1 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_5 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_2 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_3 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_4 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_6 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_8 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_9 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_10 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_11 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_12 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_13 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_14 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_15 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_16





Kamber’s Senior Photos


I love this girl. She’s a volunteer at Make Promises Happen with Josh and I. I’ve seen her not only dedicate her time to camp, but also do a lot of really cool things that most kids in high school, or most adults for that matter are not capable of. She is constantly laughing out loud, and I can’t think of a time I haven’t seen her with a smile on her face.

oh and did I mention she’s also stunningly beautiful?

happy senior year Kamber!!!

lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_27 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_96 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_119 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_151 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_158 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_193 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_201 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_215 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_218 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_227 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_249


Styled Shoot for Poppy Lane Design


I 100% adore the girls at Poppy Lane Design who put this shoot together. I’m so happy they asked me to shoot it for them! We has a lot of fun and a lot of laughs at the Hall of Mirrors

You girls are ON THE BALL when it comes to creating one of a kind, fantastic floral arrangements. 

Our amazing model who stated “oh, man, I’ve never modeled before, so tell me what to do” ( ARE YOU KIDDING?! SHES STUNNING) runs and owns her own really cool company called Clean Pour check her out and hire her for your next little get together!! ( literally… how cool can this girl get?!)

I died at how stunning everything was. Enjoy these photos! Video to come!! oooo ahhhh! 












Rian Nichole Fashion : Cleans out MY closet!!

I am so grateful to know miss Rian, and have been able to work with her on a special project for her wedding rehearsal dinner.
She is crazy sweet, and on Tuesday Rian came ALL the way to my front door in Checotah, Oklahoma and cleaned out all of Josh and I’s old ratty out of style clothes! She also helped us with our addiction to t-shirts. We got rid of about 5 trash bags worth of clothes and 2 bags of shoes.
I FEEL AMAZING!!! The little bottle of champagne she gave us was an oh so perfect way to celebrate tidying up and simplifying our lives………… was long long over due. Check out her page


lenae-photography-video-portraits_1 lenae-photography-video-portraits_2 lenae-photography-video-portraits_3 lenae-photography-video-portraits_4 lenae-photography-video-portraits


Happy Birthday Jeline!!

If you have contacted me this year about working with me, more than likely you’ve gotten to talk to my sweet sweet cousin/sister/friend/office manager Jeline.  ( the mommah in these photos below ) Jeline has been in my life since I was about 14 because she fell in love , married and made a baby with my cousin Aaron. I am so blessed to have this woman in my life, and am so fortunate that she is willing to work the email, and some of the phone section of this business!

By the way…. she turns THIRTY today…. and is so so so so so so beautiful and a crazy awesome rock climber, check out her blog Climb on Sister here!!

Happy Birthday Jeline : )
cuties-in-the-backyard_1 cuties-in-the-backyard_14 cuties-in-the-backyard_16


Happy 2 Year Anniversary to us!

I’m typing this on the Saturday before Josh and I have been married two years, our house is literally covered in laundry, camera gear, and bags we are packing for our constant trips to camp and photo shoots. We just had our favortie pizza from the best place in Checotah delivered, and Josh is mowing the lawn.

Everyone always says ” the first year of marriage is the hardest” and I would always laugh at them thinking, yeah… sure.. but Josh and I are different, we are one of the best couples I know!

…. the first year of marriage is the hardest.

Don’t get me wrong I love the crud out of that man, and the first year made me love him even stronger, but this beautiful routine we have now, the ” I’ve figured out your quirks and I know when to say what” and knowing that Josh and I both have a busy season of life when we just are’t 100% our selves ( thank God they are in different parts of the year)  This second year has been magical comapred to the first.

Josh is now a seasoned coach.

My business is growing like crazy.

Josh needs lazy days and I have learned to accept it.

Sometimes I need to cry/hug it out, and Josh has learned to accept that. ( I literally jokingly scheduled a hug session this morning so I could just hug him and breath instead of thinking about the bajillon things I had to do today)

Our most recent photo below, taken on 4th of July.  If you’re interested in hearing how we fell in love click here



OH and for fun… our wedding video : )


9 Ways to Produce Better Instagram Videos – Stationary Academy



My purpose behind video portraits is to create an authentic connection with your potential clients, or loved ones.

I’m so excited to be creating a video portrait for  Stationary Academy  at the end of this month! At the event I will be offering special pricing for Video Portraits if you sign up before the event!

As a bonus to me documenting and attending, Jennifer Faught from Something Detailed  and I  created these tips for creating better instagram videos.

If you are at all interested in my business to business Video Portraits, see examples of them here and contact me soon because spots before the end of the year are being snatched up!



xoxoox Have a great day!